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Sean 8 days ago
Please please fix this site. It was so useful.
Carol Devine 31 days ago
Please be careful buying any appartment or townhouse in Comerfords Cross, Portmarnock, Co. Dublin. Dodgy dealings. I am one of the victims. My house turns out to be second hand even though it was sold as new build. The deed does not have our name on it even though we paid for it in full to AIB plc as Mortgagee. The banks solicitor deposited our money in the account of the developer who allegedly went into receivership. The developer in receivership bought an appt in the complex. The dev, allegedly bought the appt in july 2014 however it was registered on 11/5/2015 same day the banks solicitor lodged most of our money in the developer(in rec) account.Our townhouse comes up as second hand even though all the others sold as new. Planning in on our property. We have a relatively large side garden at end of terrace which FCC state is a site entrance. Alot more to this story. Don't buy here!
Mike 35 days ago
You tell em Shaunie-boy, get up on your hind legs and shpeak your spoke.
shaun gilmartin 37 days ago
Like everything else in Ireland......badly run by indifferent arses.
Mikey 40 days ago
Is the site no longer being maintained? Real shame if it’s gone...
Ger 43 days ago
Is there any chance of fixing this or giving us an ETA on when you think it might be? Like many people here, I'm in the middle of a property search and we can't be relying on estate agents for accurate and non-biased data.
User 44 days ago
Daftdrop dead?
Lucy 46 days ago
Keep getting the "Oops, something went wrong...check back in five!" message for the past few weeks now :( Is there a chance to fix it please. Your website is very useful. Thank you in advance.
RIch 48 days ago
Chaps -mthe data parts fo s=your site is down. Any ETA on a fix? Ta RM
Dee 51 days ago
keep getting error message both on mobile and laptop platforms when i try to get onto the site. very annoying as I'm in the middle of searching for a new property
Mars 2 months ago
Forgot to mention, can you do some intelligent matching of property listings instead of looking at exact address? I found a listing for an apartment which originally had "Apt 16" and now has "Apt. 16" which breaks the connection on your site.
Mars 2 months ago
Would love to see the price a property sold for in the search results table, could do "N/A" until it becomes available on Also want to second having another column with the estate agent so you can filter by them.
Mr Darcy 3 months ago
I'd love to see agent as a separate column
Mr Olly 6 months ago
Irresponsible business practice and never reply to e-mails( I am the new homeowner of a property and I have requested that you remove immediately my property photos and unlist it from your website but no response so far. I demand you remove this advertisement asap
Celia 8 months ago
A lot of ‘sold' and 'sale agreed' properties back on the market again within last month in Co. Cork
DavidO 8 months ago
you've got a property up : 26, Knockrea Gardens, Wallaces Avenue, Ballinlough, Co. Cork and it references a price drop but there is no information about what it dropped from and when it was listed at the original price before the price drop. can you give me any more information on this
Liamo 8 months ago
Good to see Daftdrop up and running again. I think it’s going to be busy updating over the next year. Not surprising to see the large amount of drops already and we have not reached Brexit yet.
DaftDrop 9 months ago
DaftDrop is alive and kicking again!
Devi 9 months ago
Price drop tab not working at all for years now. Get a grip or hand it over to someone who can manage the website properly.
Sebastian 11 months ago
Is it possible to export the data from DaftDrop? I'd like to do some analysis on it. Thanks
DaftDrop 16 months ago
Site has not been abandoned, and is running smoothly again.
Paul.D 17 months ago
Apparently website has been abandoned, price drop tab no longer works.
John Foster 19 months ago
Hi, can you please remove my property from your website The house is no longer for sale
piper 20 months ago
can your site (Ireland) also show when property has been relisted/put with a different agent from a recent date?
j 23 months ago Incorrect data on your site at this URL please remove thanks
Con 2 years ago
It's any chance to update graphs? May is knocking to our door, but on graphs You still have a January.
EstHateAgent 2 years ago
Shouldn't the site soon be renamed ... daftrise dot com?
Therese 2 years ago
Hi guys, what's wrong with the site? Can't get any information on price drops when you click on a county.
Wojciech 2 years ago
Hi, me again. Hopefully you will get a chance to put that graph together I was asking about 6 months ago. Basically it should show how stock of properties changes over time. Simple line chart with line for each county. Same as you have for Mediana property price but with stock of properties for sale. I'm sure people would like that. Thanks.
DaftDrop 2 years ago
@Margaret: Thanks, Margaret. Having some issues lately, but they're resolved for now.
Margaret 2 years ago
Proxy Error The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the request GET /ie/houses. Reason: Error reading from remote server Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS) Server at Port 80
Margaret 2 years ago
Hi I cannot access your site well can get on it but cannot search properties etc.. is it down?
helen 2 years ago
You did not respond to my email
HELEN STACK 2 years ago
anthony wilton 2 years ago
338 ballsgrove is not for sale so pleas remove it pleas .this is a scam by 3 sisters trying to sell with out my concent
Ronnie Halligan 2 years ago
Could you please if possible remove the information on Kilravock Garden, Durrus?
Ronnie Halligan 2 years ago
Could you if possible remove the information on Kiravock Garden, Durrus? I own the property for over three years now.
@DaftDrop 2 years ago
For anyone also interested in the the UK market, checkout, tracking the prices of almost 1 million properties in the UK! ONE MILLION!
Regular Reader1 2 years ago
The other thing that I noticed is that in certain streets whilst most of the properties up for sale do appear on daft, a smaller number are not on daft but solely on myhome. I guess it would be a problem of copyright or scale to search the data from myhome and add it to what you have if the individual property appears on myhome but not on daft?
DaftDrop 2 years ago
@Regular Reader1: Good idea. I may add a search link to PPR (the old version had it), which searches based on address of a house you see on this site and shows you one or more properties on the PPR that may or may not be the house you're interested in. But it is almost impossible to link (accurately) a house on with a house on PPR, automatically! Thanks for the suggestion, the search is a feature that should be brought back.
Regular Reader1 2 years ago
I think I found the answer to my own question lower down. You are not connected to the PPR and its a question of bandwith?
Regular Reader1 2 years ago
Brilliant site. Useful for buyers for as we know 'some' estate agents don't like dealing with facts. One suggestion though- How feasible is it to seperate 'delisted' from 'sold'. This would make it clearer which properties sold, and which couldn't sell.
Buyer Limerick 2 years ago
Glencullen, Ennis Rd, Limerick is in NAMA, nightmare to buy unless you have 6 months to spare!
DaftDrop 2 years ago
@Wojciech: Thank you for the idea. I will add this. Also, if anyone else has ideas on useful graphs, let me know. The data is there and ready to be used...currently, the graphs sort of suck.
Wojciech 2 years ago
Thanks again for putting this site together - great insight. In the graphs section you have all graphs but last one on time scale. If you convert that pie chart to time scale it would be much more useful. We could see how stock of properties changes over time. Thanks
flowery 2 years ago
Wreck of a 1 bed cottage in Donegal east 80k --never will sell
blooming marvellous 2 years ago
Estate agents and owners hiking up prices again on the back of Summer and brexit vote in the UK -----will they ever learn --they just lose house sales --you cant believe a word they say
gangirl 2 years ago
why do estate agents just show one picture of a house ---how the hell can you tell from one picture
DaftDrop 2 years ago
@Laura Mombrun: What details do you want to narrow down by? Did you try using the address filter?
Laura Mombrun 2 years ago
I don't seem to be able to narrow down the search at all: just getting results for the whole county....
DW 2 years ago
comment below refers to 69 Malahide Marina
DW 2 years ago
Would advise anyone interested in this property to tread carefully. On going saga around identifying deeds has meant this property has been on and off market over last couple of years and moved from sale agreed back to for sale. They might have resolved issues, I don't know but I would be wary about getting involved.
Gay callaghan 2 years ago
I am interested in this house My number is 0862375453
John 3 years ago
Also putting in the sold price from the property price register if it exists for de-listed properties (and the % difference) would be a nice touch!
John 3 years ago
Great tool! It would be amazing if you could also keep the blurb/hotos from Daft ads that are de-listed so that they can be used to compare current houses for sale with what sold nearby (i.e. are you getting more for your money or is it just overvalued).
Sean 3 years ago
Moar graphs! - also a drop down menu to pick county for others!
Cathal Garrad 3 years ago
Can the size of the house be added where the info is available?
Karl 3 years ago
Excellent site,great tool for research.Well done daft drop,keeping the rest of them honest!
DaftDrop 3 years ago
New site live as of 6th/Feb/2016. Any comments, please let us know!
DaftDrop 3 years ago
Brand new website coming soon!
DaftDrop 3 years ago, after 5 years, decided to block from collecting data. I'm surprised by this, but we can only assume that their reports and ads are not as transparent and accurate as they'd like us to believe. Fix to overcome this block is coming very soon (tonight)...
Vlad 3 years ago
Wow, great idea! Well done, will tell my friends about it!
DaftDrop 3 years ago
@J: Thanks, it''s comments like that that keep me motivated! Glad you find the site useful and hope you continue to do so...
J 3 years ago
Thank you, I hope your website and visitors grow to the max.
DaftDrop 3 years ago
FYI: site now fixed and back to normal
Joe 3 years ago
why don''t you do a yearly subscription, I am sure people would subscribe if was reasonable
DaftDrop 3 years ago
Needs a bigger a server with more memory. DaftDrop is an expense, donations are all too rare. I''ll fix when/if I get a chance but it''s low on my list -- sorry.
John 3 years ago
Hello! what is happening to your website and why has it been not working, or no image/mirror for it? plz comment here to update us
Toufic 3 years ago
I really want to say thanks for all these tools. Couldn''t be any better. Best wishes
mc 3 years ago
hi, the ave price from reports for Dublin seems to be much higher than the graph on homepage where average asking for cou with highest average is shown. why is there this gap, eg june 2015 report shows currently 415 ave asking fir Dublin while graph shows ave asking for county with highest asking to be 356.
graham 3 years ago
Would be great if the search criteria could take multiple values to narrow the address field. Such as typos in address could be catered for or alternative spellings like "Phibsboro or Phibsborough" or typos.
Josephine 3 years ago
Want find out what price a house was for in 2006
uela 4 years ago
I have noticed that estate agents are removing listings and re-creating them to avoid tracking over time might be an idea to create a history with no price drops
chg 4 years ago
Previous month report values change every so often. I think you should query daft monthly to gather monthly report data and then lock these values. As an example, ''Number of houses for sale'' and ''average price'' is different for former months any time I look at them.
q 4 years ago
Under the ''graph'' tab, beside ''Current # of Houses'' chart the number of houses in co. Dublin is 3843, the Feb''s report (reports tab) gives co. Dublin''s houses number of 4,444. Where''s the difference coming from?
@DaftDrop 4 years ago
@warrden631: This site tracks but doesn''t publish sale prices, or even know about them. But you can check the Property Price Register as follows: find a house and on the right you'll see a link which will take you to the Property Price Register, which will show you final sale price of the house or nearby houses. Unfortunately there is no reliable way to link houses on the PPR to houses that were for sale on @xxx: No reason except that it''s fairly pointless and a waste of bandwidth. The server must do a lot of work to obtain its data.
xxx 4 years ago
Is there any reason why is the database not being updated on a daily basis?
warren631 4 years ago
Great service! As a buyer I would also like to see a comparison between final asking price and actual sold price for each sold property. This would give me a feel of what offer might be accepted.
uela 4 years ago
must say that this is what i was looking for as it gives more more insight on houses no longer on the market. collapso doesn''t seem to provide info like the #bedrooms or bath. one question though, is there a way you could start harvesting as wheel? I know some houses for sale seem to appear on only. just as hint, I''ve been looking at properties for over a year now and I''ve noticed a recurring pattern, any house advertised by sherry fitz seem to have an asking price at least 20%/25% higher than others advertised by smaller estate agent, might be an idea to include also the name of the large estate agent as I think they are along with bank trying to push prices up.
Louise 4 years ago
Great site! Have you considered including sqft to the details or is it not realistic?
DaftDrop 4 years ago
@seller: Nothing is "misleading" to the public. DaftDrop, or "house drop" as you have called it, has nothing to gain (or lose, for that matter) by misleading the public. Also, if you viewed the options on the search page, you would see this option: "Include sold/de-listed properties". That will include houses taken off the market -- which is what you require. Not sure what you mean by "Therefore not the correct value", can you elaborate? What "value"?
seller 4 years ago
house drop should include house that may be valued at such a date but hasnt sold and taken off market due to not selling. Therefore not the correct value. Misleading to public otherwise
peter 4 years ago
Hello Daftdrop, I have just rented a flat in Letterkenny but am seriously considering buying a house but don''t know the market. Are houses now a their lowest price or do you think that they will decline further?
RandomAccess 4 years ago
Hi DaftDrop, Its been a while since someone suggested it, but would you consider adding a rent price tracker. Rental asking prices are on the Up, and I don''t know of a site which tracks them. Thanks!
guest 4 years ago
Great site! Just one suggestion, price decreases should really be in RED and increases in GREEN, it just so confusing as most people normally assosiate RED color with (minus) and green with (+)
Daftdrop 5 years ago
@Fmk: well spotted; that is indeed what is incorrectly happening in the case of price increases. Thanks for reporting this.
Fmk 5 years ago
Hi, great site, just one point, in the case of price increases it seems that "% From Previous" is being calculated as the difference as a percentage of "Current Price" rather than of the "Previous Price". Example: Previous Current Price % From Previous €150,000 €175,000 +14.29% I would have expected +16.67%
exponentiai 5 years ago
Hi, wondered if you could tell me when Co.Antrim and Co.Armagh will be added to the reports section please? These appear to be the only 2 counties for which I cannot view average house price information and other statistics for any month? Kind regards
DaftDrop 5 years ago
@Noelma: Not currently, but you can simply add more search criteria to the "An optional address filter to narrow down results" field to keep creating new refined result sets. That should have the same outcome.
Noelma 5 years ago
Hi. Very useful site! Wonder if there is any way to search within results? Example - I can select county and area within county. But can I then search within those results, or just have to scroll through them all?
DaftDrop 5 years ago
@jenny: There was a major change to, breaking DaftDrop''s data scraping process. I fixed it in the early hours of this morning, and it''s back to normal...for now!
jenny 5 years ago
Love your site and thanks so much .... just wondering no update for Waterford since March 12.. anything doing ?
@DaftDrop 5 years ago
@Sarah: DaftDrop is not an estate agent or a property website; it''s a property price tracker.
Sarah 5 years ago
Hi I can''t seem to be able to email you''s is there any chance someone could get in contact wit me regarding a property I''m interested in
DaftDrop 5 years ago
@vw: don''t worry about it, I''m glad you find the site useful! @zzz: I know this would be an extremely useful feature, to be able to re-graph everything based on some chosen criteria. Soon...
vw 5 years ago
if i don''t own a credit card is there another way to make a donation feel bad as i look at your site a lot its great !
zzz 5 years ago
Hey, Could you plot separate graph for Dublin and the rest of the country? As they are really separate with their employment and property market.
DaftDrop 5 years ago
@Greg: Thanks for the comment. Glad you find the site useful. I am planning some big updates soon (I now have a lot of great data collected now that needs to be taken advantage of). Regarding a donation, anything at all is much appreciated, but only if you can spare it. The big cost is the monthly server rental and without donations -- as rare as they are -- this site would definitely cease to exist. People have donated as little as €2.50 and as much as €100 (happened once) it all depends on the person :) ...
Greg 5 years ago
I think this is a fantastic site and very useful tool. Living in Canada and due to retire soon, I am very much surprised that there isn''t a coherent multiple listing service in Ireland where all houses (or the vast majority) are listed. I find Daftdrop to be a welcome tool as it attempts to address that gap while providing the most useful tool for potential buyers - actual sale price tracking and price changes over time. Well done. My one question is that you are looking for donations. What would be appropriate from the average guy with a family?
DaftDrop 5 years ago
Some of you may have noticed an issue with the bedroom/bathroom description & count. I have added a fix and the descriptions and counts will fix themselves over the coming days.
wanderer 5 years ago
excellent site
brianbmcd 5 years ago
Thanks Cormac - donation submitted. I''ve used some other sites in the past treesdontgrowtothesky etc etc and while I found them very useful, unfortunately they didn''t survive because they were not supported. I have to say I find this site brilliant. It''s easy to use, very good analysis, good reporting but most of all it provides pretty much real time and accurate data. For anyone thinking of buying or selling it''s a VERY valuable tool. I buy a couple of papers every Sunday - some of the "analysis" is infantile. I would much prefer to donate to maintain a service like and I would strongly encourage others to do the same to keep it available. Thanks, and best of luck for the future, Brian
DaftDrop 5 years ago
@Brian: Use the Price Drops tab to find a house you''re interested in, and see the "E-mail Notifications" on the right-hand sidebar, and sign up to it. It is currently only on a per-house basis. This functionality might be expanded in a later version of DaftDrop, to allow you to automatically monitor whole areas (depending the criteria you chose). However, this depends on time and funds.
brianbmcd 5 years ago
Can you please advise how I use the "Automatically notify you of price changes in your area!" facility?
Daftdrop 5 years ago
@hp: They don''t, they go right through to September :) ... Can you do a hard refresh (ctrl + f5) and see if it''s still happening for you? @Mike: Not sure, Mike. There is simply much less on Daft. There must be something more appropriate for the north. I don''t make much interest in NI houses, so I cannot say why.
hp 5 years ago
Really like the website! Just wondering is there a reason why the graphs stop at August?
Mike 5 years ago
Any ideas about why there has been such a big drop in the number of properties for sale in Northern Ireland? For example: May 2013 1419 May 2012 18426 May 2011 19218 The numbers seem to have tailed off since the start of the year.
Jim 6 years ago
Is it possible to track house prices in Dublin from the reports or is it on a country basis thanks Jim
Interested Party 6 years ago
Any chance you could create a tab containing all the data you use to make the graphs?
DaftDrop 6 years ago
@omega: I''ve now added a search link to search for similar properties on the Property Price Register. Sometimes you might need to tweak the address.
omega 6 years ago
Great site! It would be great if you could like the PPR price in so we could see the asking + sold in the right hand pane.
DaftDrop 6 years ago
@TT: Well, statistically, it impacts it exactly how you would expect...and there''s no way for DaftDrop or anyone else to know that the EA is playing games with sold properties. But, if they are relatively short lived, and the asking price remains the same, I don''t think it''s a major issue in terms of statistics... But people should stand up to the EAs with this sort of stuff. It''s false advertising and probably illegal.
TT 6 years ago
Estate agents appear to be running scripts that keep renewing adverts of houses long after they are sale agreed and even sold. It is not just a few - they are practically all at it! What is the impact of this statistically?
Sabrina 6 years ago
Hi i am looking to buy a house for at max of around €30,000 under a rent to buy agreement, i will be pay for the house over 3 years, i can give a deposit of €6,000 and €100pw that will be €11,200 for year 1, year 2 will be the same and year 3 final payment will be made in the same form. I will consider any county in the ROI, house must be in liveable condition and within my budget. Carlow, Clare, Cork, Donegal, Galway, Kerry,Kildare,Kilkenny, Laois, Leitrim, Limerick, Longford, Louth, Mayo, Meath, Monaghan, Offaly, Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary, Waterford, Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow Thank you Sabrina.
khards 6 years ago
There is a mistake in the resulst skewing the prices for Feb. House no 668373 has gone from 160k to 160 million!
@DaftDrop 6 years ago
For the last few weeks, there was an issue displaying the photos. This was due to a change on on It has now been fixed...
DaftDrop 6 years ago
@Grace: thanks for the heads up...I have fixed that price.
Grace 6 years ago
Love this site! Fantastic source of information particularly when looking for property in Galway whilst being based in UK -great to have such transparency!Just like to point out error in listing of Headford Rd property - seems to have had astronomical jump to valuation of €160,000,000 from €210,000 which obviously is an error and should be €160,000, but obviously throws all stats out too. Keep up the good work, brilliant site.
james 6 years ago
Great website, really appreciate the resource
min 6 years ago
Current number of houses for sale by county graph would probably be more instructive if it was as a percentage of housing stock by county see
T 6 years ago
Wheres all the charts promised?
omega 6 years ago
A graph of Dublin Average asking per month would be great! Even better is Dublin Average 3+ Bed but that would probably be too specific! ;-)
@DaftDrop 6 years ago
Thanks for spotting this, Sir_Pat...
Driver 6 years ago
Absolutely brilliant website that tells the truth and lets us the buyer know everything. I particularly like EAs who up the price or relist and its obvious! You have to love transparency.
Sir_Pat 6 years ago
There was a property that was listed original at 170000 and the price was adjusted (looks accident) to 170 000 000 Dun Na Ri, Tinryland, Co Carlow, Tinryland, Co. Carlow Jan 31, 2012 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms 4 8 €118,000 €170,000,000 +99.93% +99.89% Sep 12, 2012 Great site, keep up the great work
DaftDrop 6 years ago
@Rob Thanks for pointing that out. There are checks in place to prevent figures like that from being ignored, but something must have gone amiss. I am away at the moment...but will look into it soon!
Rob Power 6 years ago
First of all just to say fantastic site. You should get a bit of advertising on this to make it pay its way. Main reason for comenting: It would seem there is a slight issue with the September increase in price figure. 87 price increases with an average amount of 177 million. Obviously a daft issue where someone has put in a wrong price. It has distorted the overall price trend so that it has now increased in September rather than continuing its fall.
Hope Springs Eternal 6 years ago
Does anybody know what L.L.S stands for? I''ve seen it, I think in relation to bathrooms/shower rooms.
Hope Springs Eternal 6 years ago
At last an easy to use site that doesn''t make you jump through hoops to get what you''re after. Great.
M 6 years ago
Hi, Great site and I can see great use of it! Keep up the good work!
kentreaper 6 years ago
Thank you - good luck!
@DaftDrop 6 years ago
@kentreaper: POA stands for Price on Application, and I''m not sure why Estate Agents do it -- probably because they want to judge the buyer''s financial strength before quoting them a price. My site doesn''t include these non-prices in the Graphs/Reports averages, etc...
kentreaper 6 years ago
Great site - full of relevant information. A lot of sellers quote ''POA'' as the price - why is this/does it help or hinder? And how does your site factor this in? Thanks.
2020 buyer. 6 years ago
Fantastic piece of work, the vested interests i.e. those who desperately want the bubble to stay and re-inflate, will be scared witless looking at whats really happening out there. Govt can keep their price database, you''ve already beaten them to it, many thanks sir!
Miagalve 6 years ago
I love it! Well thought!
Joe 6 years ago
Excellent site, very useful, liked on Facebook and will spread the word
Trish Kelly 6 years ago
Brilliant website. Will recommend.
DaftDrop 6 years ago
Thanks for all the comments. I will update the graphs very soon adding many more options.
6 years ago
Excellent website. It would be great to have a Dublin average asking price, or to be able to filter and generate a chart based on address / county.
carmel 6 years ago
Thank you for this information, it is a great way to track prices and make decisions. keep up the good work.
appreciative guest 6 years ago
love the work! helps us to know when the agent says it''s reduced to sell that it really is or just sale gimmick! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS SITE!!
k-b 7 years ago
Great website/tool, really interesting graphs!!
Leprechaun 7 years ago
Fantastic site, well done!
DaftDrop 7 years ago
There were a couple of issues with the "Reports" tab, which are now resolved!
Daftdrop 7 years ago
Note: slight delay on this Wednesday''s scrape. Should be done by end of today (Thursday)...
Random_______er 7 years ago
I greatly appreciate the work, care and maintenance that has taken place to this website. I believe that this website truly reflects the prop. market in Ireland better than any other site because it is primarily concerned with promoting vendors who have adjusted their prices due to the current economic times! In alot of other sites we still see props that are substantially overpriced, here we often see a more realistic expectations with regard to property prices So for that reason thanks for the great efforts on daftdrop!
BrianRCarney 7 years ago
Brilliant site, keep up the good work!
DaftDrop 7 years ago
Looks like is having some issues, so today''s scrape will be delayed...I''ll kick it off as soon as I can.
bobvance 7 years ago
great website, anyone know what happend to irishpropertywatch?
yay 7 years ago
Looks like NI house prices are bouncing
owen 7 years ago
excellent job on the site
Max 7 years ago
Don''t bother with - everything on there is already on What I''d like to see is the option to select all counties when searching. At the moment you can only search one county at a time. You can''t search the whole country.
jj 7 years ago
what about data from ?
doubleglaze 7 years ago
I would look at this site most days and look forward to every "scrape" with great anticipation. I still can''t afford what I want, but am only up to 25% off target now, instead of 50%+. Everytime you scrape, it gives me a little bit more patience. Prices are dropping all the time, as your site testifies. I''ve been in substandard accomodation for 10 years now, with all the frustrations that that entails and this site is my therapy! I keep hoping, with every scrape, that the few houses I am interested in will have dropped to within my reach. If you were to scrape four times a week, that would give me and others out there 4 seretonin uplifting experiences per week!
DaftDrop 7 years ago
@atech: Well, there''s a couple of things. There are no new/old links for that example. It''s the same Daft entry (same Daft ID), and same webpage. The only thing that has changed is the price (which I track) and probably the description (which I don''t store/track). This is a rare case where the EA has basically changed the property without creating a new Daft entry... @doubleglaze: I can scrape any days we want, it''s easily configurable. I''ve no contact with though, and I wouldn''t want to scrape two days in a row. I chose Wed and Sat because people tend to like to view on Sunday/Monday mornings and again maybe Thursday...I could scrape 4 days a week but it could end up annoying :) ... I think I will though, I''ve been thinking about it...
atech 7 years ago
I see the list of prices found but there is no link to the old price only a date; used be able to link also I think. Maybe they had kept a database of old prices or something, it was handy because you could look at the old ad to see if the spec was the same. The one I was referring to was in Coppeen, Enniskeane, West Cork. It fell from €500k to €80k but the latest ad says 1 acre while an image of the land registry map appears much larger. Possibly the €500k was for the entire landholding.
DaftDrop 7 years ago
@atech: If you click the row, you''ll see all the prices found on the right hand side of your browser. Is that what you mean? What property is it, I can investigate more and see what you mean?
atech 7 years ago
May have been mentioned already but is it possible to link to the old price also like used to do? I see a property that has dropped 84% but I think the earlier price may have included more acres which distorts the overall % falls. Kudos on the site.
doubleglaze 7 years ago
Both your good self and Collapso seem to do a price harvest about twice-weekly and these are done on the same day. This means that ye are posting more or less the same DAFT drops. As someone who has become addicted to both sites, could ye coordinate things between ye so that we have four price harvests per week, instead of two?! Like, one of ye harvests on Monday and Saturday. The other harvests on Wednesday and Thursday.... Not that I''m being demanding or anything!
DaftDrop 7 years ago
It''s not late in the day for people young people who are/were considering their first purchase...And hey, if the prices rise, but might be called ;)... You''re right about the graphs, there is a tonne of data to make use of.
7 years ago
Seems a bit late in the day to be setting up this website?! I''m not saying prices won''t fall further but it''s ironic now how the majority of people seem to be of the opinion that house prices will fall... Probably the same majority who thought they would keep rising forever during the boom. Site is alright but think the data could be presented more nicely, especially the skinny barchart graph! since you have the data, would be nice to see a set of graphs for each county etc.
DaftDrop 7 years ago
Thanks for the comments, folks! @June: I''m going to add new stats soon. @leftie: Think you''ve hit the nail on the head. Although, if we all hold out, what''ll happen? :) @Get real: Thanks for the spread the word ;)...
Get real people of Ireland! 7 years ago
Great Webiste...I''ll spread the word. Houses prices are still overpriced massively, there is no value for money out there at all. Hopefully in 1/2 years time im might start looking properly. This property crash is going to keep going for years.
leftie 7 years ago
Hey, great website - definitely helping a person like me who has just sold a 3 bed and wants to trade up. I think I will rent for a while. House price falls are gathering pace if anything - think reality is setting in and people are slashing prices to get shot of a devaluing asset!
june 7 years ago
just wonder if its possible that you show your harvest data on the graphs, currently the graphs only show end of month data? so average house prices for the harvest days in-between are lost. Would be nice if you could scroll over graphs and all harvests house price values would be shown?
DaftDrop 7 years ago
@Westie, thanks for the feedback. This shouldn''t happen, it should wrap accordingly. What browser are you using? Could you forward details (or maybe even a screenshot?) to
Westie 7 years ago
Hey Liking the site - when I do a filter on Roscommon though the proce drop date doesn''t display as the word "roscommon" requires a wider column and pushed the last column off the page. Could this be fixed??
DaftDrop 7 years ago
@Jacko: I was considering it, but don''t really find it as important or interesting? Although I might do it if the demand is there...
jacko 7 years ago
hey, What about separate part for rent?
DaftDrop 7 years ago
@June: here''s the house that brought the average so high: ... €324,950,500. Obviously meant to be €324,950. Anyway, that''s fixed now, so graphs are back to normal. Will put some checks in to automatically flag obvious mistaken prices like this...Thanks.
June 7 years ago
I thought so, cheers for quick response. Great website btw.
DaftDrop 7 years ago
@June: you''re correct, there''s a bug, which occurred just today, which shows an increase which should not be there. There is definitely no increasing going will be fixed later on or tomorrow!
June 7 years ago
The CSO''s residential property price index showed that house prices fell by 2.1% in June, this does not correlate with the rise you have recorded in you graphs re ROI average house price for the month of June...or am i not spotting something?
Jen 7 years ago
@Daftdrop, Cheers for reply, I will wait, can''t afford anything at the moment anyway!
DaftDrop 7 years ago
@Jen: That''s the $64000 question. It depends on your needs though. If your question is actually "will prices continue to fall?", then yes! Prices are falling, and will continue to fall, in my opinion. There is very little evidence which suggests otherwise. There''s a surplus of houses, and banks are only lending to least-risky buyers. NAMA are hanging onto property which will be on sale within coming months (I think). No property bubble burst ever has a "soft landing", and ours is no different. I think prices will go down and down and down to levels seen in most countries (i.e., 3 times a salary, not 6). And given the economic uncertainty, raising interest levels, new property tax/water charges, increasing PAYE, etc., etc., it''s hard to even know how much one could even afford in 2 years time. Check out the graphs (!graphView)...when they start flattening out, that''s when I would buy ;) ... but I''d say it could be 5 years to be honest! I''m no expert though; just a curious potential buyer like yourself. I would deffo hold off until 2012 though...probably not what you want to hear!
jen 7 years ago
Hi, I am on the look out for a house in the Gorey area. Should I wait a bit longer? A year or two? Renting in dublin at the moment. Aould love my own place.
DaftDrop 7 years ago
@Foyboy: Thanks Foyboy...I''d say that house will have to go down a bit further before it''ll sell.
Foyboy 7 years ago
Excellent website. Thank you very much, very useful. House ID: 484888 was originally advertised at €450,000, first time I saw it, about 5 years ago. Now €275,000 (5 Beds, Tullygay, Letterkenny). Sorry I can''t prove the original price, but it has been on the market for a really long time now.
DaftDrop 7 years ago
@jen: Thanks Jen! @Bertie: The bedrooms and min/max options are next on the list and I''ll get them added in the next few days. I''m also aware about the ''Dublin 14'' type issue -- there needs to be a way to search an exact phrase using quotation marks. Next on list :) ... Thanks for the msg.
Bertie 7 years ago
In fact eh, nice tool - would be nice to be able to do the same sort of search as you can do on Daft i.e. enter the number of rooms, min/max price etc. Entering ''Dublin 14'' returns loads of results, most of which I''m not interested in. - Bertie.
jen 7 years ago
Hi Daftdrop, love the site and will be using it alot over the next 12 months. Hope to buy a home at a realistic price soon.
DaftDrop 7 years ago
@passing toll: Thanks for suggestion. Yes, that would make sense given it''s very annoying to have to click 12 times just to go back a year. Although DaftDrop data only goes back to May 21st, so it''s not really an issue right now but I''ll look into that going ahead...
passing troll 7 years ago
great features! The "date from" - could it have 2 spaces? One for month one for year?
househunt 7 years ago
Great site, keep up the good work. im sure the stats will be interesting after a few more months of collecting data!
DaftDrop 7 years ago
@Darragh: I did this... Thanks, DaftDrop
Brick Tamland 7 years ago
I love lamp.
Darragh 7 years ago
Can you arrange the counties of the pie chart by number instead of county name? It will make it easier to immediately see the biggest or smallest pieces of it.
Tommycahir 7 years ago
I would recommend that a feature to export to an excel file is added as this enables people view the data offline also. I would also suggest that if possible the county selection box is enabled to allow multiple county selections eg I may want to see changes in Carlow and Wexford. (similar comment with locality selection eg Ballon & Bunclody) Regards Tommy
DaftDrop 7 years ago
@Ash: Thanks for the feedback Ash. DaftDrop has only been tracking prices since early May, and there have been no price changes in Watergrasshill since then -- that''s why no results are showing up :) However, all houses are still being tracked, it''s only the houses with detected price changes that show up in results. Hope this helps.
Lisa 7 years ago
Looking to buy a home (but still waiting) and I love it!
Ash 7 years ago
not all seach areas are recognised, eg watergrasshill in cork come up with no results i do like that all columns can be sorted which i havent seen before.
Jessie Mcloughlin 7 years ago
Where has this website been all our lives!!
Jimmy McNamaragh 7 years ago
This is the best new website ever!!
dave 7 years ago
Great site dude. I love chatting with all the other people who leave commets here.

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